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We offer shipping all over the United States at moderate rate. Canadian customers are hereby invited to pick up thier puppy at their closest airport. Once concluded with the client, the puppy is prepared and shipped immidiately after which you will receive an email with your puppy’s flight details so that you will know when exactly to pickup your puppy. 

We make sure that our New Doggies travel in the safest and most comfortable way possible. Please note that each country and airline has its own strict regulations regarding international pet travel. Airplanes have dedicated climate controlled, pressurized compartments that are designed to keep their canine passengers comfortable and safe. Each dog comes with a new airline-approved crate.

During the journey, New Doggies are provided with food and water. Having said that, the dog might still be thirsty after arrival, so please make sure to give the dog something to drink as soon as it is taken out of the crate. The bottom of the crate is lined with a thick layer of paper to absorb any in-flights accidents and keep the dog clean and dry. During its travels your New Doggy is regularly inspected by an animal professional who cleans up the accidents and assists the New Doggy with whatever is needed

Your puppy will visit a veterinarian to ensure they are healthy and meet all the requirements for travel. This usually takes place one or two days before departure. We separate the puppies from their mothers and littermates as late as possible to prevent separation anxiety and socialization problems. In addition, a government veterinarian also checks your puppy to ensure that he/she is healthy and fit for the journey. Unless the pedigree is ready, only the required health and import documents travel with the puppy attached to the crate.